Challenge and progress looking to the future

We have been actively operating on the Japanese market since 1964, when Kanemasa Seika was founded. Since then, our mission has been the one of taking on challenges as a fruit and vegetable distribution company. While keeping “Safety and security” as our company foundations, we are already shaping our contribution as a company according to the Sustainable Development Goals to be implemented by 2030. As for the importance they represent, they cannot be considered separated by our group mission and vision.
As such, we work on a daily basis with our clients to help reducing food waste, selecting sustainable packaging materials, developing more sustainable agricultural practices.
Regarding fresh-cut fruits and vegetables processing, we have introduced to our factories the food safety management system, FSSC22000. Moreover, we are aiming to transform our factories into Smart Factories by utilizing ICT and IoT engineering techniques in order to ensure stricter safety protocols.
Through our activities of wholesale, manufacturing and logistics we aim to be a valuable partner for all our clients as we strive to improve quality day by day and acting as a bridge between farmers and consumers. We are ready to devote the next 50 years to our rebirth.

Kanemasa Distribution Group Representative

Kanazawa Hisashi

Our group

Business & Activities

  • Purchase

  • Wholesale

  • Fresh-cut Fruits & Vegetables

  • Logistics

Business Area

Corporate philosophy・Vision

A strong commitment to new challenges

is the foundation of our belief

From its foundation up to now, we have been constantly striving to meet the needs of our clients as quickly as possible.
It is especially from now on that our efforts will focus on the challenges of these changing times


Being mutual trust and transparency the fundaments of our activity,
we aim to provide safety and happiness to all employees.


We will strive to improve quality and service in food distribution, continue to innovate and take on challenges,
and aim for the highest level in this industry.

Our Values
and Conduct

  • Will of Inquiry and Development

    We act with utter developing spirit, without being passively influenced by industry practices

  • Trust, Quality and Professionalism

    We believe in mutual trust and cooperation in order to achieve high results and client’s satisfaction

  • Organizational Optimization

    We believe in the power of a cohesive team through which we promote personal and professional growth

Group Information

    • Trading Name
    • Kanemasa Distribution Holdings Co., Ltd.
    • Est.
    • April 1, 2021
    • CEO and President
    • Kanazawa Hisashi
    • Location
    • 〒546-0001 2-6-3 Imabayashi, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
      TEL.06-6756-1234 (CEO) FAX.06-6756-1434
    • Capital Stock
    • 80.5 million Japanese yen